Permits and Inspections


Qualified district members elect the board of directors of Golden Gate Fire Protection District. The Board adheres to Colorado statutes for the operation of Special District Boards. Board members are elected to four-year terms. To qualify to vote or run for a board seat a person must be a registered voter in the state of Colorado and either: (1) own or be the spouse of an owner of taxable real or property within the District, (2) be a resident of the District for not less than thirty days or (3) be a person obligated to pay taxes under a contract to purchase taxable property located within the District.

The Board of Directors hold regular monthly meetings. All meetings are open to the public, with the times and locations of all meetings posted on the fire stations and at the Jefferson county administration building as required by law.

The Golden Gate Fire Protection District Federal Tax ID is 31-1664329.

You may contact the Board at or each member individually.

Board Members:

Deb Curlee – President
Term: 2022-2025

Niffy Ovuworie – Vice-President / Treasurer 
Term  2022-2025

Marith Reheis – Secretary 
Term: 2023-2027

Dave Primmer
Term  2023-2027

Steve Green
Term: 2022-2025

Board Meeting Schedule

The GGFPD board of directors normally meets on the third Thursday of every month. Odd numbered months at Station #81 at 32360 Robinson Hill Road. Even numbered months at Station #82 at 7181 Crawford Gulch Road. Visit our homepage for the most recent meeting schedule.

Board Member Responsibilities

  • Understand and follow State regulations for Special Districts
  • File required fiscal reports including mill levy certification and annual budget
  • Operate District according to Colorado open meeting and records laws
  • Create and update Policies for the District
  • Provide proper and adequate insurance for Volunteers
  • Ensure governmental immunity for Volunteers
  • Appoint and supervise Fire Chief
  • Provide a safe environment for Volunteers
  • As part of Pension Board, oversee Pension program for volunteers
  • Protect District assets
  • Provide safe, effective emergency response services to all residents
  • Manage tax budget lawfully and effectively
  • Plan for the future – strategic planning
  • Seek and obtain grants and donations to build District capabilities
  • Respond to information requests (other Government agencies, insurance companies, other Districts, general public)
  • Keep District residents informed (Newsletter, community meetings)
  • Participate in multi-District activities including the Communications Authority
  • Maintain contact and good relations with neighboring Districts
  • Maintain good relationship with State Forest Service
  • Respond to resident concerns
  • Promote fire safety & defensible spa